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Clean water

Specialising for more than 25 years in water and wastewater treatment, Anua creates technologies that are efficient, low-cost to install and maintain, and that benefit the customer, the environment and the planet.

We provide a range of solutions for the municipal, commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Our aim is to offer innovative, unsurpassed sewage and wastewater treatment solutions to create a cleaner environment.


Primary Wastewater Treatment

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Septic Tank

Anua's range of septic tanks for single houses and larger developments provide an economic and reliable solution for applications without mains drainage.

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The Anua range of cesspools provides the ideal solution to wastewater storage in locations without mains drainage and where the discharge of treated effluent is not permissible due to unsuitable ground conditions.

Secondary Wastewater Treatment

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Puraflo Residential

The natural answer to domestic wastewater treatment. Using a unique biofibrous peat filter media, Puraflo is one of the longest running and most reliable systems.

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Puraflo Commercial

Designed to provide low maintenance and cost-effective secondary and/or tertiary wastewater treatment for commercial applications such as business premises, restaurants, golf clubs and schools.

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Platinum residential

The Platinum Residential Sewage System is an advanced sustainable technology for the treatment of wastewater in domestic homes and small communities of 6, 8, 10 and 12 persons.

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Platinum commercial

The Platinum Commercial system is highly effective and has low maintenance and running costs with proven reliability, it is a preferred option for many commercial applications.

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The HSP (High Specification Packaged) sewage treatment system is designed to provide high treatment performance with trusted quality equipment in line your specification requirements.

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Puramax MBBR commercial

The MBBR system is a robust packaged treatment plant that offers simplicity of design, installation and operation and can be designed for small to large populations.

Tertiary Wastewater Treatment

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Anua supplies a range of tertiary treatment options which raise the effluent quality to help minimise your impact on the environment and assist in securing planning.

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The Puraflo Peat Bio-Filter or High Rate Backwash Sand Filter offers effective Tertiary Treatment for Commercial Wastewater Treatment Applications.

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Nutrient removal

Anua can re-engineer wastewater treatment systems to incorporate nutrient removal on request. The nutrients in question are total nitrogen, ammonia and total phosphorus.