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Clean water

We harness nature to reliably clean water. Anua is a worldwide pioneer in packaged treatment for clean water using recycled, green-friendly materials. Our residential and commercial solutions are used in a wide array of applications.

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Primary Wastewater Treatment

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Primary Treatment

Primary treatment is accomplished via a tank, or series of tanks, often referred to as a "septic tank". Septic tanks are made from durable materials resistant to corrosion or decay such as concrete, plastic, or fibreglass.

Secondary Wastewater Treatment

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Puraflo Residential

The Puraflo peat fiber biofilter system is the most versatile and reliable treatment system on the market. Puraflo is odor-free and can be used on a number of residential applications including family homes, remote cabins or cottages and townhomes.

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Puraflo Commercial

The Puraflo peat fiber biofilter system is sustainable, uses little to no energy and is suitable for a number of commercial applications including campgrounds, parks, schools and offices.

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Platinum Residential

Platinum Residential submerged aerated filter with efficient airlift recirculation provides treatment for a variety of residential applications and features virtually silent operation.

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Eliminite is a versatile and modular system with proven performance under a wide range of conditions. Eliminite features patented MetaRocks® media, that is customized to fit into locally available tanks.

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Pekasys Bubbler

The PekaSys Bubbler brings the reliability of proven Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology to the residential market and can be scaled up for commercial applications, offering a modular solution for space constrained sites or nutrient limited watersheds.

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Puramax MBBR Commercial

PuraMax is engineered for community and commercial applications, including high strength waste establishments and ensures stable and robust treatment.

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Vacuum/Micro Bubble

Micro-bubble technology can be retrofitted to existing septic tanks to provide high oxygen transfer to reduce waste strength or aid in recovery of biologically failed drainfields.

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Platinum Commercial

Platinum Commercial can be designed and installed in a wide variety of sites and features low power consumption, easy installation and a small footprint.

Tertiary Wastewater Treatment

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Anua Tertiary Treatment systems provide additional treatment to the effluent emitted from secondary treatment systems. Designed to enhance removal of organics, settled solids, nutrients and pathogens, the treatment can be used in a number of applications.

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The Puraflo Peat Bio-Filter or High Rate Backwash Sand Filter offers effective Tertiary Treatment for Commercial Wastewater Treatment Applications

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Nutrient Removal

Nutrients are a resource if recovered and reused. Many Anua systems reduce nutrients to safe levels or provide nutrients and water for shallow subsurface irrigation.


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PuraDrip is the Perc-Rite® Drip System. It is a unique fluid handling system for dispersal of effluent in soil.

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NeutraQuat is designed to neutralize the quaternary ammonium compounds often used as sanitizers in food service establishments.

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Effluent Filters

Effluent filters are placed on the outlet of a septic tank. Effluent filters prevent larger particles or suspended matter from exiting the tank and harming downstream treatment components or the drainfield.

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Dynamic Monitors

The IVM6000-LP ensures reliable designs and peace of mind by confirming even distribution to all zones, as well as providing early detection and immediate alert of valve malfunctions.

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Control Panels

Anua provides controls manufactured by Alderon Industries.

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Salcor UV

The Salcor Model 3G is for the disinfection of effluent treated to secondary or tertiary standards and may be installed in a pump tank or in the ground. The unique Teflon cover keeps the UV lamp from fouling.

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30″ Diameter Basin System

The basin is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and comes complete with basin and lid. The basin can be used as a pump or sump basin, siphon basin, non-potable water storage basin, or UV disinfection basin.

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Peat Fiber

Peat fiber is used as the treatment medium in the Puraflo Peat Fiber Biofilter. The peat fiber typically lasts 15 years or longer in properly operated and maintained Puraflo systems.