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AeroCell® Onsite Treatment System Receives Georgia Approval

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Date: June 10, 2020

Prepared for Release by Anua

The Aerocell recirculating fixed film media filter is now approved for use in the State of Georgia.

AeroCell utilizes synthetic media housed in an engineered pod. The open cell foam cubes have high surface area and porosity, which balance water movement and oxygen

availability. The media will not degrade over time and has a three-decade track record of performance. Pretreated effluent is sprayed over the foam cubes using specially designed helical spray nozzles that provide uniform distribution over the entire surface area within the pod. Treated effluent is recirculated through the media multiple times, which optimizes treatment. The open cell foam media properties allow for loading rates of up to 10x that of other systems, which ensures a small footprint.

The AeroCell treatment technology produces high quality effluent certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and 3rd party nitrogen reduction >50%. The approval is applicable for design flows less than 24,000 gallons per day.

Georgia Approved AeroCell Models:

  • ATS-540-AC-N

  • ATS-1060-AC-N

  • ATS-1530-AC-N

  • ATS-NS500-AC-N

  • ATS-NS750-AC-N

  • ATS-NS1000-AC-N

  • ATS-NS500-80/20-AC-N

  • ATS-NS500-2-80/20-AC-N

  • ATS-NS500-3-80/20-AC-N

  • ATS-NS750-80/20-AC-N

  • ATS-NS750-2-80/20-AC-N

  • ATS-NS1000-80/20-AC-N

Precast concrete tanks will be added to the approved dosing tank list as requested. The following dosing tanks are currently approved for use in Georgia:

Norwesco Snyder Models:

  • 525 sphere

  • 500 low profile

  • 900 low profile

  • 1050 low profile

  • 1250 low profile

  • 1500 low profile

Infiltrator Models:

  • IM-540

  • IM-1060

  • IM-1530

Approval granted by the Georgia Department of Public Health - Environmental Health Division:

For further information please contact us:

Phone: 336.547.9338

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