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AiraCarb: Developed to Meet Odor Control Needs of Onsite Wastewater Community

The Anua name has long been associated with meeting and exceeding the needs of the onsite wastewater community through our treatment systems. For decades we have worked hand in hand with other industry professionals to solve difficult onsite wastewater challenges from collection through to treatment and dispersal.

While Anua is known for its onsite wastewater treatment expertise, did you know that we also design and manufacture odor control systems for the municipal wastewater community and industrial manufacturing industries? Anua’s Clean Air Division designed and installed the first Airashell Odor Control system on a municipal wastewater application in 2009 and continues to innovate today with the introduction of several new odor control products.

Recently, Anua recognized a major gap in the odor control market for onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment systems. The odor control options available for the lower airflows associated with onsite and decentralized wastewater applications were either poorly constructed, poorly designed, or both.

That’s why we’ve developed our brand new AiraCarb Onsite Odor Control Systems.

Given our expertise in onsite/decentralized wastewater applications and odor control technologies there is no company better qualified to develop such a product. We have harnessed the experience of our Clean Air division to serve the needs of our Clean Water division customer base. This product is the perfect symbiosis between our two divisions.

This resulted in Anua’s new AiraCarb line of odor control systems. Professionally designed industrial strength odor control is now available to onsite & decentralized wastewater professionals for use in their residential and commercial application designs.

Learn More: https://www.anuainternational.com/airacarbodorcontrolsystem

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Anua is an American manufacturer of Clean Water and Clean Air solutions serving the wastewater and odor control industries. Through the symbiosis of technology, design, and collaboration, we strive to be industry leaders in championing a sustainable future for all.

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