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AiraHybrid: Rifle Range Road Treatment Plant - Project Overview


The following is an overview of the process and results of delivering Anua’s brand new AiraHybrid Odor Control System to Garney Construction for temporary use at the Rifle Range Road Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Mount Pleasant, SC.

Project Details

Location: Mount Pleasant, SC

Site: Rifle Range Road Wastewater Treatment Plant

General Contractor: Garney Construction

Representative: Premier Water

Anua System: AiraHybrid Odor Control System

Requirement: Temporary Odor Control

Project Overview

This project included creating a new Influent Pump Station and Headworks that both required odorous air treatment. The existing headworks had an odor control unit sized for future expansion and a value engineering option was accepted, allowing reuse of the existing odor control unit at the new structures.

The treatment plant is located next to several neighborhoods and a school, so the project required continuous treatment of the odorous air produced by the treatment process. The existing unit required approximately 8-12 weeks of downtime to be moved, upgraded, and made operational for use when process flow was routed to the new Influent Pump Station. During this time, odorous air still required treatment at the existing headworks. Prior to moving the existing unit, Anua provided the temporary AiraHybrid Odor Control system, which was “plug and play”, eliminating the downtime associated with moving the permanent unit.

Anua AiraHybrid Temporary Odor Control Solution

The AiraHybrid system Anua delivered was completely skid-mounted, prepackaged, factory loaded with media, and tested prior to shipping. This significantly reduced on-site labor, and made start-up fast and easy.

The multi-stage process treats hydrogen sulfide and a wide range of VOC’s, providing complete odor removal. The AiraHybrid treatment stages can be set up as either biological=>biological or biological=>activated carbon. The treatment stage configuration is chosen based on the clients needs and specific application parameters.

Anua and AiraHybrid Exceed Expectations

When asked about system start-up and the performance of the AiraHybrid system, Garney Construction had the following to say, “In terms of system performance and commissioning/startup, we really couldn’t have asked for a more simple system that performed as well as it did. We took the unit off the truck and placed it on a level stone area. Inlet air, power, water, and drain connections were all made in a matter of hours and startup was a matter of flipping a switch. Aside from basic weekly checks, the unit required no maintenance and met all expectations in regard to odor control. With odor control, no news is good news, and this unit lived up to that motto for the entire rental period.”

Given that this project occurred as Covid-19 was beginning to impact global supply chains and construction schedules, there were several different elements that impacted both the start and end dates for the temporary odor control on this project. “Anua was upfront about build times, met their dates, and were responsive to unknown challenges that came up in planning. They made easy recommendations for the optimal performance of the unit and quickly addressed any concerns we had. Michael Busch was always available for questions about the unit. It is evident that customer service is just as essential to Anua as the performance of their equipment.”, said the site supervisor for Garney Construction.

Garney went on to say, “Anua was upfront with what they could do but also what they needed on-site. Any potential issues were handled during contract discussions and followed through on Throughout the rental period. There was no hidden agenda or additional fees and Anua actively took responsibility for items in its scope of supply. This was a great example of how a project should go.”


Want to Learn More about AiraHybrid Systems?

Contact Michael Busch, Business Development and Technical Manager

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