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Anua acquires Quanics

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Greensboro, N.C. (June 5, 2019) – We are excited to announce the addition of Quanics products and offerings to Anua’s Clean Water lineup. A few months ago, Colin Bishop and Harry DeNoers began discussing the possibilities of integrating Quanics on-site water treatment and water reuse products into Anua’s growing platform in order to provide customers with more flexibility and more options; now this vision is becoming a reality. Anua and Quanics have great synergies given their complementary technologies and market presence throughout the U.S. We believe the result of many years of combined experience and knowledge base will lead to continued innovation and to excellent customer service.

Harry has been a thought leader in the on-site water treatment industry for over 30 years. He built Zabel Environmental Technology into an industry leader. Harry sold Zabel in 2006, but kept AeroCell®, Bio-Coir®, and the septic system components business, which became Quanics. Harry is joining Anua’s team as an advisor. “I have known Harry for over 20 years and have always respected his vision, passion, and ability to get things done. We are thrilled to bring the Quanics products and online store under the Anua banner. We are also very excited to work with Harry and Jan going forward. The ability to tap into their knowledge and enthusiasm is invaluable for us,” said Colin Bishop, CEO of Anua.

“Jan and I are excited about Quanics being in the hands of a growing company with capable leadership. We know that our loyal Quanics customers are in good hands and look forward to seeing continued growth under Anua,” said Harry DeNoers, CEO and President of Quanics.

Anua completed the asset purchase of Quanics on May 31, 2019. The terms of the transaction are not being disclosed. Anua has acquired the AeroCell® and Bio-Coir® treatment technologies, all regulatory approvals, all testing data, patents, trademarks, intellectual property, website domain, online store, and other assets from Quanics. Quanics manufacturing will continue in the Crestwood, Kentucky facility. For more information, visit and or

About Anua Anua is an American company that provides Clean Water and Clean Air solutions serving the Western Hemisphere. Our name is derived from the Irish word “athnuaigh” meaning “to renew”. We provide a variety of sustainable on-site water treatment, decentralized water treatment, water reuse, odor control, and corrosion control technologies that can be integrated to simplify life and complement the natural environment. Our team ensures this nature-friendly legacy continues by striving to be the most knowledgeable and customer focused solutions provider in the Clean Water and Clean Air markets. Partnering with Anua

Anua is well-capitalized and continues to seek growth opportunities, either organically, or through partnerships, talented hires, distribution agreements, and acquisitions. Please contact us to learn more about possible ways to partner with Anua.

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