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Anua Receives PO for Two AiraShell® Odor Control Systems

Updated: Mar 30

We have recently received a purchase order for two (2) AiraShell® biological odor control systems. The systems will be delivered to the Wiggins Road pump station in the Town of Mooresville, NC. The project involves construction of a brand-new pump station in an area which is experiencing significant population growth.

Max Foster of Premier Water, Inc was integral in the award of this contract.

The 1,900CFM systems utilize Anua’s environmentally friendly, time-tested AiraShell® biofilter media, which is repurposed from the US commercial seafood industry. This will be the third Anua odor control system being used in the Town of Mooresville.

For additional information, please contact Michael Busch, Business Development and Technical Manager, at (346) 225-8033 or michael.busch@anuainternational.com.

Want to Learn More about AiraHybrid Systems?

Contact Michael Busch, Business Development and Technical Manager

(346) 225-8033 or michael.busch@anuainternational.com

Visit our AiraHybrid web page

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