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Anua Receives Second Order for AiraHybrid™ Odor Control System

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

This week, Anua, based in Greensboro NC, received another purchase order for its brand new AiraHybrid Odor Control System for a new project in Texas. The system will be delivered to the Baylor Drive lift station in Abilene, TX during the fall of 2020. Fred Willms of Environmental Improvements Inc was integral in the award of this contract.

The 150CFM AiraHybrid™ system utilizes a two-stage treatment process. The first stage is a biotrickling filter using our engineered AiraGlass™ media, manufactured from recycled glass bottles. The first stage is designed to treat high levels of hydrogen sulfide biologically. The second stage biofilter uses our time-tested AiraShell® media to polish all remaining odors. This technology combination uses biological processes in both stages to effectively treat odors naturally, with low O&M costs. The system is completely shop-assembled, prewired, pre-plumbed, skid-mounted, and shop tested prior to shipping. This makes installation extremely fast and easy.

For additional information:

Visit our AiraHybrid web page

Contact Michael Busch,

Business Development and

Technical Manager

(346) 225-8033 or michael.busch@anuainternational.com

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