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Anua’s AiraGlass Media Upgrades New Jersey Odor Control System

Anua’s AiraGlass biological odor control treatment media is being installed as a replacement media at a municipal wastewater treatment plant in central New Jersey. AiraGlass media is the ideal choice when replacing any biological odor control medias.

The existing 3,000CFM two-stage biological odor control system will be upgraded by replacing the media beds to new long-life, environmentally friendly medias. The first stage will be filled with our engineered AiraGlass™ foamed glass media, manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. The first stage is designed to treat high levels of hydrogen sulfide.

The second stage biofilter will be filled with our AiraGlass™-MAX foamed glass media, which polishes any remaining odors. Both medias carry a ten-year warranty against degradation or compaction. They are extremely lightweight, rigid, chemical resistant, have high compression strength, and a very large surface area.

This technology combination utilizes highly effective biological odor control processes in both stages to efficiently treat odors naturally, using environmentally friendly medias. Use of the AiraGlass medias also provides extremely low Operation & Maintenance costs.

For additional information please contact:

Michael Busch

Business Development and Technical Manager


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