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Anua Ships Another AiraShell® Odor Control System

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Anua, recently shipped a new AiraShell Odor Control System for a project in Utah. The system will be delivered to the 700 South lift station in Salt Lake City. Cory Firzlaff of TC Sales & Service Company was integral in the award of this contract.

The AiraShell System:

The 3,000CFM AiraShell system utilizes our time-tested AiraShell® biofilter media to treat hydrogen sulfide and other reduced sulfur compounds typically found in the wastewater process. This system uses a biological process to effectively treat odors naturally, with low O&M costs.

The environmentally friendly AiraShell media consists of repurposed, cold water seashells sourced from the US commercial seafood industry. In addition to its excellent odor treatment properties, this is a smart media choice for environmentally conscious communities because the shells are sustainably managed and responsibly harvested per NOAA Fisheries and US Regulations:

Want to Learn More about AiraShell Systems?

Contact Michael Busch, Business Development and Technical Manager 346.225.8033

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