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Arrowhead Environmental Services: Newest Licensed Distributor in Oklahoma

Arrowhead Environmental Services is a full-service, turnkey environmental contractor distinguished by a unique personal dedication to customer service and an old-fashioned work ethic that is rarely seen in the industry.

Their highly trained team has extensive experience dealing with a variety of customer requests -- from responding to minor chemical spills and performing routine in-plant services, to managing significant events such as the decontamination or closure of major manufacturing facilities and working at 9/11 Ground Zero.

Whether the project is a large, small, routine, or complex undertaking, they pride themselves on earning repeat business because we always make safety our #1 priority and resolve clients’ issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the Owner

Tony is the owner of Arrowhead Environmental Services LLC. In this role, Tony looks after and coordinates day to day operations including sales, training and installations of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems. A big believer in customer service, Tony encourages teamwork to meet and exceed the customers expectations.

Tony is no stranger hard work. Having spent twenty years as an installer and a dealer in the advanced wastewater treatment industry, where he worked with state and county regulators to provide the best treatment systems possible for his customers.

Tony offers a wide range services, from sales and design, to training and installations.


Phone: (417) 671-1118

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