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Commercial Application Spotlight: The Bayside Travel Centre

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The Story:

“You can’t use that anymore!”

That is exactly what PE, Matt Delorme of Hatch Infrastructure did not want to hear that fateful morning in early November, 2019. Matt was heading up the construction of The Bayside Travel Centre in Afton Station, Nova Scotia.

This was to be a new rest stop off of Trans Canada Highway 104 that would feature a gas station, convenience store, restaurants, small casino, and restrooms with showers. Construction had moved relatively smoothly right up until Matt was notified that he had a huge problem. For whatever reason, the town had decided that this project could no longer tap into the sewer line that was part of the original site plan.

His team was starting the process to directionally bore under the adjacent highway to install the pressure sewer line for the pit stop when they had to pull the plug on their initial plans. This was a massive problem because Matt was already on a tight timeline and could not afford any major delays, especially one of this magnitude.

And of course, the original site plan left little room for an unplanned onsite system...

Matt Delorme quickly reached out to a local wastewater treatment company who came up with a plan. Matt found enough land area to disperse treated effluent, but just when it seemed the nightmare was over, Matt received more bad news. When Matt asked about the timing for the delivery of the system the company told him, “You can have it early summer.” Matt’s heart sank. The Bayside Travel Centre was slated to open in March of 2020. He simply could not wait until the summer to have this system built and installed.

That’s exactly when Anua came to the rescue...

Scrambling to find anyone in North America who could provide a complete solution by the tight deadline, Matt reached out to Sansom Equipment Ltd of Nova Scotia to find other manufacturers. Sansom called Anua, which had just recently acquired Quanics and they immediately jumped on the opportunity.

The Sansom call with Anua went something like this,”We need the price on a plant that can treat a couple thousand liters of really dirty water and we need it delivered in six weeks, January 15th.”

Anua’s Response was simply, “No problem!”

And just like that, production of the Bayside system began. Anua was able to call on its expert sales staff to provide the extra hands needed to accomplish this monumental task in such a short time. Anua’s systems were perfect for this particular application and as a result the planning, designing, manufacturing and delivery were all completed on time and Bayside opened without issue in early March of 2020.

Matt is extremely happy with the system and with his experience with Anua. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“The project had some last-minute changes to specification that required a complete overhaul of the on-site sewage disposal system late in construction. I spoke with Anua and their local supplier, Sansom Equipment, the week prior to Christmas with what seemed like an impossible deadline. Both provided incredible support during the design validation process, which was completed in time to have equipment on-site with installation underway within four weeks of that first call. Sean from Anua supported the work at every step, fielding questions quickly from our design team and local contractors installing the system. The support was pro-active and Sean provided input throughout that saved time and prevented potential operational issues.”

More On the System:

The new design consists of a large primary septic tank, flow equalization, six PuraACE high strength pretreatment pods, clarifier with sludge return, dosing tank for ten IM1530 Aerocell open cell foam biofilter pods, and a Puralinity passive pH biobuffer basin. The grease interceptors serving two fast food restaurants were already in place. This system must treat high loads of extremely high strength with little oversight. The system discharges into a gravel bed with no reserve area.

Project structure:

Name: Bayside Travel Centre

Owner: Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation

Project Manager / Engineer: Hatch Ltd.

General Contractor: Lindsay Construction

Civil Subcontractor: Francis J Boyle Construction

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