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BioCoir® Coconut Fiber Biofilter Receives Vermont Approval

Prepared for Release by Anua

BioCoir receives general use approval by the Vermont Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division as an Innovative and Alternative Technology.

BioCoir utilizes coconut fiber (coir) media housed in an engineered pod. Coir are the fibers that constitute the thick mesocarp, or husk, of the coconut fruit. The coconut fiber is a low-cost and a renewable up-cycled media that is sustainably and ethically harvested.

The high lignin content of these fibers results in a durable material for balancing air and water exchange. Pretreated effluent is sprayed over the media using specially designed helical spray nozzles that provide uniform distribution over the entire pod surface area. Effluent is recirculated through the media multiple times, which optimizes treatment.

Why Choose BioCoir?

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and nitrogen reduction

  • Up-cycled and sustainable natural media

  • Simple operation with low energy use

  • Prepackaged, lightweight pod for easy installation

  • 80%/20% split pods simplify treatment process

  • No gravity recirculation valve needed

  • Low cost and easy to ship

The following BioCoir models have been approved:

Approval Granted by the Drinking Water & Ground Water Division of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources:

For more information please contact Anua:

Phone: 336.547.9338

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