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BioCoir Versatility Overcomes Site Challenges while Protecting the Chesapeake

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Quick Facts:

  • Application: Residential Use

  • Product: BioCoir Coconut Fiber Biofilter

  • Designer: Old Dominion Onsite

  • Installer: Old Dominion Onsite

  • Location: Henrico County Virginia


A homeowner in Henrico County, Virginia needed a new onsite treatment system due to the existing septic system malfunctioning. The site’s shallow water table and small area limited the treatment options. Any system selected needed to meet Virginia’s TL-3 and the Chesapeake Bay’s nitrogen reduction treatment requirements.

When the homeowner called Old Dominion Onsite to inquire about possible solutions to their septic problems, they sent out an onsite soil evaluator to assess the situation. After the assessment, the evaluator decided that BioCoir would be the perfect solution because of its size, versatility, affordability, TL-3 approval, and nitrogen reduction capabilities. These factors combined to create an ideal situation for the designer, installer, and homeowner.


Due to the limited usable space for effluent dispersal, advanced treatment was required. Old Dominion Onsite proposed a BioCoir system to the Henrico County Environmental Health Department. This would be the first BioCoir system installed in Henrico County.

BioCoir is based on simple, passive biofiltration principles. The treatment of the effluent within the system is achieved by a combination of unique physical, chemical, and biological interactions between the effluent and the coconut fiber media. Timed dosing and recirculation attenuate the flow to the dispersal area and then into the native soil. Furthermore, the properties of the coconut fiber provide high level treatment with no by-pass, which protects the lake water quality and meets Virginia’s TL-3 as well as the Chesapeake Bay’s nitrogen reduction treatment standard.

The system consists of an IM-1060 septic tank with a Lifetime effluent filter LT9-1/32

and an IM-540 recirculation tank. Effluent is then timed dosed to a NS500 80/20 split BioCoir pod. 20% of the treated effluent flows forward to the distribution box while the other 80% travels back to the recirculation tank to be reprocessed.


BioCoir provides an ideal solution for the homeowners. Installation was seamless and the system is up and running as designed. The homeowners got the treatment they needed at the price they deserved.

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