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BioCoir Saves Convenience Store from Treatment Woes

Quick Facts:

  • Application: Commercial

  • Product: BioCoir, PuraACE, Puralinity

  • Engineer/Designer: Kris Pierce

  • Installer: Jet Pep Construction

  • Location: Me Mee’s on the Corner, Warrior , Alabama


The aging septic system at the Marathon gas station and convenience store in Warrior, Alabama was beginning to fail. The owners of the store had to pay to pump their septic system on a regular basis and after several months of doing this, they decided to invest in a new onsite treatment system.

The store owners called in the specialists at Jet Pep Construction and Kris Pierce took over the planning for the job. The store had an extremely small area available for the new treatment system and as a result, their options were limited. Kris reached out to Anua and found the perfect solution for their needs with BioCoir, PuraACE, and Puralinity. No other viable solutions were available that would obtain the appropriate regulatory approval and provide the treatment required given the tight space.


Quickly, Kris and the Anua team went to work on designing the new system and technical details for permitting and construction. Commercial facilities, like c-stores, have elevated BOD and create issues with balancing pH. PuraACE is specifically designed to “burn” high BOD and increase alkalinity. BioCoir provides high level treatment for BOD, TSS, and nitrogen. Puralinity is an add-on process that passively increases alkalinity, which buffers pH. The combined treatment components synergistically creates the proper environment for highly optimized treatment to occur with few mechanical components. The new treatment system is installer and service provider friendly which results in low operating costs for the owner.

The solution consists of a local precast concrete primary tanks in series with one PuraACE pod and commercial effluent filter, local precast concrete dosing tank with duplex recirculation pumps, two BioCoir NS500 pods, one Puralinity basin, local precast concrete drainfield pump tank, and low pressure dose drainfield trenches.


Both Kris Pierce and the store owners are very satisfied with the design, installation, and operation of their newly updated system. Things went so well that Kris plans to utilize Anua systems in future Jet Pep projects. He is most excited about the prospect of utilizing Anua’s in-house engineering services to expedite his design and planning processes.

Anua’s flexibility and expertise helped make sure the job was an absolute success. PuraACE pretreatment, BioCoir treatment, and Puralinity pH buffering provided a ‘perfect fit’ solution given the project parameters and the extremely small area available. Anua’s flexibility allows for top-flight treatment even under highly restrictive conditions. If you have a tough site that needs treatment, give us a call today.

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