Puraflo Optimizes Treatment for Iconic Florida Eatery

Quick Facts

  • Application: Commercial Use

  • Product: Puraflo Peat Fiber Biofilter

  • Designer: Dr. Kevin Sherman P.E. of Onsite Management Consultants

  • Installer: Honc Industries

  • Location: Captiva Island, Florida


The Bubble Room was built in 1979 on Captiva Island, Florida. This world famous restaurant started as a simple eatery in the front Room of the Farqhuarson family home. The restaurant is renowned for its vibrant aesthetics, authentic southern comfort food and lively atmosphere. In recent years the property has required maintenance and when their drain field began failing, their aging septic system required a refresh.

The existing system serving the Bubble Room needed to be updated to include high level polishing treatment. The designer needed to fit the polishing treatment system into a very small footprint. Their treatment needs had exceeded the capabilities of the old system and Puraflo with pad dispersal was the perfect solution for the job.


The project was designed by Kevin Sherman, P.E of onsite management consultants and installed by Honc industries. Due to the extremely small lot size, Puraflo modules with pad dispersal were used.

A dispersal pad consists of a six inch layer of gravel that is placed directly beneath the Puraflo modules. Effluent from the Puraflo modules exits through weep holes that extend around the perimeter of the base of the module. As effluent exits the base of the modules, it flows directly into the dispersal gravel pad beneath the modules.

Twelve Puraflo modules were installed along with mechanical components, including a timed dosed pumping system with control panel and a distribution valve. Also, the Puraflo polishing system survived a major hurricane just a few weeks after their installation!


The owners of the Bubble Room are very satisfied with the design, installation and operation of their newly updated system. Anua’s flexibility and expertise helped make sure the job was an absolute success. Due to Puraflo’s flexibility in tight lots across multiple applications, it was the perfect solution for this job. There are no other systems that can operate on small lots with pad dispersal like Puraflo. If you have a small site that needs treatment, Puraflo is one of the best choices.

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