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Puraflo Saves Lakefront Home from Demolition


A small, lakefront property in the rural city of Rogersville, Missouri posed a problem for the homeowner and the design engineer. Rogersville is a small city of approximately 3,000 people with nearby access to Springfield. Many homes in the area are served by onsite wastewater infrastructure due to the rural lakefront location.

The homeowner was faced with a decision. Tear down the home or find a way to install a new onsite treatment system. A narrow 10-foot by 40-foot area behind the home was the only space available for a drainfield. The proximity to the lake and the potential impact on water quality was also a concern that needed to be addressed in the design.


Due to the limited usable space for effluent dispersal, advanced treatment was required. Crocker Consulting Engineers proposed a Puraflo peat fiber biofilter with pad dispersal to the Greene County Environmental Health Department. This would be the first Puraflo system ever installed in Greene County.

The Puraflo is based on simple, passive biofiltration principles. The treatment of the effluent within the system is achieved by a combination of unique physical, chemical, and biological interactions between the effluent and the fibrous peat media. Coupled with timed dosing, the peat fiber properties attenuate the flow to the pad dispersal area and then into the native soil. This allows for a small footprint since the modules are directly over the drainfield. Furthermore, the properties of the peat fiber provide high level treatment with no by-pass, which protects the lake water quality.

The system consists of a pre-existing septic tank which fed into a 500 gallon per day pump tank. Effluent was then time dosed to the Puraflo peat fiber biofilters. Effluent went through the Puraflo into the in-ground pad disposal and then into the native soil.


Puraflo provides a worry-free solution for the homeowners. Puraflo is odor-free and low-energy. The system is allowing the homeowners to continue to occupy their home while protecting the environment.

Quick Facts:

Application: Residential Use

Product: Puraflo

Distributor: Stewart Concrete Products

Designer: Crocker Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Installer: LaFollette Excavating, Inc.

Location: Greene County, MO

Anua Representative for Missouri: Barbara Smith

Visit our Puraflo webpage to download a PDF version of this case study and learn more about our Puraflo systems!

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