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PuraSys SBR Enables Expansion of Warehouse and Retail Space

Quick Facts

  • Application: Commercial

  • Product:

    • PuraACE

    • PuraSys SBR

    • Puralinity

  • Engineer/Designer: Pennoni Engineering

  • Installer: Eric Quigley of Clide, Quigley & Son

  • Location: Millsboro, Delaware


During an expansion project for a commercial office park and warehouse, the designer realized that the on-site treatment system needed a serious upgrade to the system’s capacity and to meet the stringent nitrogen reduction requirements. Due to the limited land available, they needed a treatment system that could handle the larger flow without expanding the existing drainfield. The designers decided to utilize PuraSys SBR as their on-site treatment solution because of the small footprint, powerful treatment capabilities, and approval for use in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


The PuraSys SBR batches treatment through cycles, including aerobic and anaerobic steps, to clean the water and reduce total nitrogen. Since the process is batched, the smart control can recognize water flow and then adjust aeration accordingly. This not only saves energy, but also improves treatment efficiency and avoids bulking. PuraSys SBR will provide a significant upgrade to treatment quality when added to an existing treatment system

The designers were able to maximize their expansion efforts for the commercial facility because PuraSys SBR can dispatch effluent to a much smaller drainfield than most other on-site treatment systems.

The 4,000 GPD system consists of one patented PuraACE pre-aeration unit, timed duplex flow equalization pumps, two commercial Purasys 1.2 units, and one Puralinity pH biobuffer. The system provides top level treatment while utilizing minimal space.


This makes PuraSys SBR the optimal choice for tight spaces. When it comes to treatment, PuraSys SBR does more with less.

Facilities served:

8,125 sq ft warehouse building

Four 9,900 sq ft retail units

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