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PuraSys Sequencing Batch Reactor® Receives Vermont Approval

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PuraSys SBR® receives general use approval by the Vermont Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division as an Innovative and Alternative Technology.

PuraSys SBR uses a unique batch process where the treatment steps are done in a timed, sequential manner. The process is energy efficient since treatment occurs as needed, using intermittent aeration, mixing, and settling.

PuraSys SBR highlights:

  • Timed treatment and drainfield pump in one tank

  • NSF Standards 40 and 245 nitrogen reduction

  • Easily overcome site elevation challenges

  • Preassembled reactor tank for easy shipping

  • New construction or upgrade conventional system to treatment

The following PuraSys SBR models have been approved:

Approval Granted by the Drinking Water & Ground Water Division of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources: https://dec.vermont.gov/water

For further information please contact Anua:

Phone: 336.547.9338

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