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This post is about COVID-19, what else would it be about!?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

First, please take care of yourselves! The public health community is addressing the appropriate actions we need to take in order to be proactive in protecting our physical health. Be mindful of your mental health; if you are struggling with anxiety, stress or worry, please seek help.

Many businesses, churches, and schools are proactively addressing COVID-19 with procedures and policies. The positive result will be an increase in hand washing, cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. One thing to consider is the implications this will have once the "chemical soup" goes down the drain. The increase in surfactants, sanitizers, and disinfectants will likely impact wastewater treatment infrastructure, including small community package plants, on-site systems, and decentralized systems. Operators will need to develop strategies to address the effects this will have on the treatment system microbiology. The other question raised is the persistence in the receiving environment, whether the in-situ soil or releases to surface water. I'm hopeful this will open up more sharing and better communication all the way around. Stay safe!

Colin Bishop,

CEO, Anua International LLC.

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