AeroCell is a modular system for residential and commercial applications. AeroCell is prepackaged in a pod housing featuring synthetic media. AeroCell protects sensitive watersheds through
removal of nitrogen and other constituents.

Why Choose AeroCell?

  • Produces high quality effluent

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 40 and 3rd party nitrogen reduction >50%

  • Proven results for over three-decades

  • Spray nozzles maximize effluent distribution over open cell foam media surface

  • Simple to use and suitable for wide range of applications

  • Prepackaged, lightweight pod for easy installation

  • 80%/20% split pods simplify design and installation

  • No gravity recirculation valve needed

  • Synthetic media:

    • Allows free air flow and water movement

    • Provides large, open surface area

    • Engineered to maximize treatment

    • Lightweight and easy to ship


Applications include:


Single family homes


Multi-family homes




Small commercial operations


Intermittent use (e.g. vacation

homes, campgrounds)







IM Series

NS Series

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