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PuraSys SBR brings the reliability of proven Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) technology to the residential market and can be scaled up for commercial applications. It transforms an ordinary septic tank into a compact, advanced treatment unit. The PuraSys SBR offers a modular solution for space constrained sites or nutrient limited watersheds.

The PuraSys SBR batches treatment through cycles, including aerobic and anaerobic steps, to clean the water and reduce total nitrogen. Since the process is batched, the smart control can recognize water flow and then adjust aeration accordingly. This not only saves energy, but also improves treatment efficiency and avoids bulking.

Why Choose PuraSys SBR?

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 40 and 245 

  • Can be dropped into a standard septic tank

  • Simple system uses no chemical additives, filters or fixed media

  • PuraSys SBR can be installed through a standard tank access port

  • Smart control panel which automatically adjusts aeration to water flow based on occupancy

  • Process control saves energy and prevents sludge bulking caused by over-aeration

  • Only input is air which makes operation and maintenance easy

Anua Purasys onsite wastewater treatment solutions septic wastewater treatment


Special State Approvals
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Applications include:


Residential new construction


Retrofit existing septic tanks


Commercial or community


Small commercial operations


Nitrogen sensitive areas


Very small properties




Case Studies

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