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PuraACE reactor Pods

Aerated Cleaning of Effluent

The patented PuraACE reactor pods (Patent Number: US11034601B1) are a robust and efficient mechanism to treat high strength wastewater streams from commercial facilities such as restaurants, c-stores, food processing, campgrounds, parks, or schools. The reactor pods reduce constituents to levels for further treatment by conventional methods.


Reductions in BOD, COD, FOG, and ammonia are achieved in the reactor pods with low hydraulic retention times. The pods employ a hybrid submerged aerated filter (SAF) treatment process that requires significantly less air to achieve treatment when compared to other technologies. The pod incorporates a submerged perforated container of marble rock, hard limestone, or seashells for passive alkalinity control (pH buffering). Multiple pod configurations may be used to achieve reductions.

Steps of the ACE Process

  1. Blower cycle time is determined by control panel timer setting and may be adjusted per influent strength

  2. Air is released from the bottom of the PuraACE reactor pod

  3. The air/effluent mixture passes through and over the plastic SAF media. The Media provides surface area for aerobic microorganisms to attach and proliferate. The media shears coarse bubbles into finer bubbles, improving O2 transfer

  4. The aggressive aeration within the reactor pod creates a "chimney" effect that provides media scouring

  5. Effluent passes through a perforated container of replenishable alkalinity control media

  6. The reactor pod contains horizontal discharge nozzles near the top of the fluid level for recirculation. This results in dilution of the incoming waste stream


Applications include:


Convenience Stores


Truck Stops 


Retail Stores 




Hotels and Motels


RV Parks and Campgrounds




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