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AiraCarb Odor Control System 

Mobile Odor Control Systems

The AiraCarb Mobile Odor Control Systems are identical to our standard AirCarb systems, but come mounted to heavy-duty trailers for quick deployment in emergency situations or as temporary solutions for high profile locations. 

AiraCarb Mobile Odor Control Systems can utilize a variety of special activated carbon media packaged in a modular panel construction. They are low-zero energy, low cost, and a highly effective option for removing H₂S and other odorous compounds for smaller airflow applications.

Odors are a concern for owners and operators of on-site treatment systems, decentralized systems, small treatment plants, and municipal collection systems. Hydrogen sulfide and VOC’s create odors, are corrosive, cause air pollution, and are detrimental to health.


Why Choose AiraCarb Mobile Odor Control Systems?

  • Low capital cost temporary odor control

  • Fast and easy deployment

  • Small footprint

  • Low maintenance

  • Proven technology

Standard Features

  • Available in multiple CFM ranges – Call to discuss

  • Completely shop-assembled, wired, loaded with media, and tested prior to shipping

Available Options

  • Custom sizing for your application

  • Noise abatement

  • Insulated treatment vessel

  • Various media types available

  • Fan motor classification and voltage options

Applications include:


Temporary odor control


Quick deployment situations


Emergency applications


System Specifications as Pictured

  • AiraCarb 1x2x1 Mobile System

  • Rated for 650CFM

  • 1,000lbs of AiraCarb-HC carbon media

  • 120/1/60VAC 2HP fan motor

  • Plastic cover with ductwork connection
    for open manholes

  • 30' of flexible collection ductwork 

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