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Airahybrid odor control system

The patented AiraSymBIO odor treatment system (Patent Number: 11833470) is a multi-stage biological treatment technology that utilizes an onsite wastewater treatment component to harvest and treat sewer effluent for irrigating the odor control system.


AiraSymBIO is ideal for use in odor control situations where fresh water required to irrigate the biological treatment media is either limited, inaccessible, or in arid or drought-prone environments, simply too valuable to waste. Many sites also have no potable water available.

Why Choose AiraSymBIO Odor Control Systems?

  • Multi-stage process can handle high HS concentrations, as well as polishing remaining odors.

  • Ideal for locations with little-to-no available water 

  • No potable water required for system irrigation

  • Designed for complete odor removal

  • Recycled and/or repurposed long-life biological medias available

  • No continuous nutrient or chemical addition required

  • Low life-cycle cost

  • Low O&M requirements

  • Pre-packaged, skid mounted systems available for easy shipment, installation and commissioning 


The AiraSymBIO Process:

  1. Water from the collection point is drawn up using a filtered pump vault and sent to a filtering apparatus

  2. Water passes into a water treatment unit

  3. Treated effluent passes to the odor control module; irrigating the media and promoting biological odor control

  4. Overflow water passes back to the collection point

Applications include:


Sewage lift/pump stations


Overview Sheet



*Coming Soon*

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