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Collection systems


Effluent-only collection systems provide an affordable and sustainable sewer option for communities. Moving solids within a wastewater collection system is very costly. The EffluaSTEP collection system is a low-intensity solution for budgeting, installation, and operation.

The EffluaSTEP collection system utilizes shallow buried, small diameter main lines along contour. Capital costs are deferred at the pace of development. The EffluaSTEP pretreatment options assure a smaller and simpler central treatment plant. The overall life-cycle costs are lower compared to gravity sewer with large central treatment works. Operation and maintenance is less complex. The packages come as a kit that may also be preassembled in a tank. The EffluaSTEP collection system offers two options for on-lot collection and treatment: the PuraSys SBR Series and the Quanics Series 

Why Choose EffluaSTEP?

  • Installs quickly in new or existing concrete, plastic or fiberglass tanks

  • Easy access design allows filter side removal without pulling out pump vault

  • Reduced cost compared to conventional gravity and grinder pump sewers 

  • Smaller, more energy efficient, reliable and longer lasting effluent pumps 

  • Reduced BOD and TSS loading to the treatment plant  

  • Allow smaller, directionally-bored collection lines without the need for manholes or many cleanouts  

  • Individual tanks allow problems to be isolated to individual users so issues can be corrected

  • An issue in one STEP tank will not affect neighboring users  

PuraSys SBR Series

A sequencing batch reactor that provides secondary treatment, nitrogen reduction, and turbine pump discharge in an all-in-one tank configuration. An added benefit of the PuraSys SBR Series is that the aerobic effluent will not corrode collection infrastructure.


The EffluaSTEP Process with Quanics Series

  • Sewage flows from the home or facility into a watertight septic tank. Solids separate by floating or settling.

  • Effluent flows by gravity to the dosing chamber or tank. An optional effluent filter with 1/32" filtration may be incorporated.

  • The effluent then moves into a dosing chamber or tank where a high head turbine pump is housed within a filtered pump vault (FPV).

  • The FPV is available in different heights and will fit into any tank. The pump is activated by a float switch and control panel.

  • The primary treated effluent (no solids) is dosed to the small diameter pressure sewer main. The effluent is conveyed to a central point for further treatment.

Applications include:


Multi-home developments


Neighborhood Clusters


Mobile Home Communities


Mixed use developments 


RV Parks




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