Airahybrid odor control system

The AiraHybrid™ treatment system is a multi-stage process, designed to combine technologies and achieve greater overall odor removal. The biological and/or adsorption technologies chosen are based on your specific application and overall treatment objectives.

Why Choose AiraHybrid Odor Control Systems?

Robust system can handle very high H2S concentrations

Treats a wide variety of reduced sulfur compounds and

    VOC’s typically found in municipal wastewater applications

Designed for complete odor removal

Recycled and/or repurposed long-life biological medias available,

    which protect the environment while reducing solid waste

No continuous nutrient or chemical addition required

Low life-cycle cost

Low O&M requirements

Modular systems available from 150 CFM – 5,000+ CFM

Pre-packaged, skid mounted systems available

Applications include:


Sewage lift/pump stations


Wastewater treatment plants


Sludge processing facilities


Solid waste operations


Industrial operations


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