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Puraflo Coir utilizes coconut fiber (coir)media housed in an engineered mod. Coir are the fibers that constitute the
thick mesocarp, or husk, of the coconut fruit. Coconut fiber is low-cost and a renewable resource. The short-to-medium length fibers are a lingo cellulosic material and by-product of coconut harvesting in many developing nations. The high lignin content of these fibers results in a durable material. Pretreated effluent is sprayed over the media using specially designed helical spray nozzles that provide uniform distribution over the entire surface area within the mod. Treated effluent is passed over the media one time.

Why Choose Puraflo Coir?

  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 40 and 350 (with addition of UV)

  • Proven results for over 20 years

  • Simple to use and suitable for wide range of applications

  • Prepackaged and lightweight for easy installation

  • Very low or no power requirements

  • Bottom draining pad dispersal configurations

  • Natural upcycled media:

       - Allows free air flow and water movement

       - Provides large, open surface area

       - Renewable and sustainable

Applications include:




Commercial or community


Intermittent or seasonal use


Space constrained sites


All climate conditions


Water reuse


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