Airaflo is a zero-energy biofiltration system for the removal of odors. The granular high-density peat media provides high level performance with extended media life. Airaflo also uses recycled seashells to provide additional treatment and maintain neutral pH within the prepackaged biofilter.

Why Choose Airaflo?

The Airaflo system offers high performance with low operation costs. The benefits of the system include:


  • Passive system, no power required

  • Prepackaged modules for easy installation

  • The media is resistant to breakdown, which provides long media life

  • No chemical or nutrient addition

  • Achieves >99% removal of H2S and greater than 95% OU/m3 dependent on the application

  • Excellent option to replace other organic media which suffer from short media life

  • The peat media is regarded as the best available technology for large-scale composting and mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facilities in Europe.

  • No power/water or access to sewer drain required

Applications include:


Manhole or sewage lift stations


Convenience stores








RV parks and campgrounds


Mobile Home Parks




Nursing homes


Other residential, commercial or high strength waste projects


Overview Sheet

Technical Specification Sheet


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