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Greensboro, N.C. (February 17, 2022) – CAST Environmental Holdings, LLC (CAST) has acquired all Geoflow, Inc. assets.

Geoflow will continue to operate as usual. CAST is anticipating a seamless customer experience during the transition.

One of the goals is to realize operational, supply chain, inventory, and logistics improvements. Key staff is being retained, including former Geoflow partner Karen Ruskin Ferguson in a new role as a long-term consultant. David Morgan will continue in his position as Business Development and Engineering Manager. Jarek Tatarek will continue in his position as the Warehouse Manager.

According to Colin Bishop, CAST Partner and Chief Executive Officer, “I have known Rodney Ruskin and Karen Ruskin Ferguson for over 25 years, originally as a distributor in Arizona in the late 1990’s. I have always been passionate about drip irrigation. Rodney’s and Karen’s vision and enthusiasm is unmatched. CAST is thrilled to carry on the outstanding work of Geoflow in developing countless innovations in advancing drip technology as the optimum solution for soil dispersal of non-potable water.”

Sean Martin, CAST Partner and President adds, “The Geoflow acquisition is an ideal fit to complement CAST’s mission to offer technologies that utilize and reuse water on-site.”

Karen Ruskin Ferguson, former Geoflow President and Owner states, “Geoflow has been at the core of the Ruskin family’s passion, vision, and commitment to a better world. We believe CAST will take Geoflow to the next level, benefitting its customers, employees, and the environment. Water is crucial to our future and Geoflow is a leader in utilizing subsurface drip irrigation for wastewater effluent and to optimize water delivery in the soil. We also solved the technical issues of root intrusion and biological fouling of driplines with patented ROOTGUARD® and GEOSHIELD® technology. Along with our valued customers, we have been able to live our passion and see our vision fulfilled. The future of Geoflow is bright as CAST shares our vision and we are confident they will build on our solid legacy.”

The asset purchase was completed on January 31, 2022. The acquisition includes all Geoflow technologies, all regulatory approvals, all testing data, patents, trademarks, intellectual property, website domain, and other assets, including WASTEFLOW®

ROOTGUARD®, and GEOSHIELD®. Geoflow manufacturing will be under the direction of Marcelo Cassani, Chief Operating Officer, and be relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina.

CAST is committed to deepening Geoflow’s current relationships. We are excited to offer our unique approach to providing sustainable subsurface drip irrigation solutions. Moving forward, customers can anticipate the following:

  • o Enhanced engineering, marketing, and sales support with increased staff and knowledge base

  • o Larger warehouse for increased product availability

  • o Responsiveness to product improvement and innovation

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About Geoflow

Geoflow is based in the USA and has actively specialized in subsurface drip irrigation since 1985. Time tested and proven, Geoflow is a world leader in providing components and systems for sustainable water management through effluent dispersal and water reuse. The unique, patented technologies disperse water in the shallow bioactive soil layer while solving the issues of root intrusion and biological fouling.

About CAST Environmental Holdings

CAST was formed in 2018 with the specific objective to build, partner, consolidate and acquire businesses in the water and air sectors. We are focused on modern advanced technologies that mitigate the impact of water and air pollution on the environment or provide a resource value such as reuse. Our innovation team has successfully developed new technologies or processes which are patent pending or have secured a patent. Our collective backgrounds include building successful businesses in several sectors (including manufacturing and distribution), developing long-lasting professional relationships in a wide array of areas (in the US and abroad), and being highly motivated to succeed while providing high value to customers. CAST is the parent company of Geoflow, Quanics, and Anua.

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