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AeroCell® Open Cell Foam Biofilter Receives Vermont Approval

Prepared for Release by Anua

AeroCell receives general use approval by the Vermont Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Division as an Innovative and Alternative Technology.

AeroCell utilizes synthetic media housed in an engineered pod. The open cell foam cubes have high surface area and porosity, which balance water movement and oxygen availability. The media will not degrade over time and has a three-decade track record of performance.

Pretreated effluent is sprayed over the foam cubes using specially designed helical spray nozzles that provide uniform distribution over the entire pod surface area. Effluent is recirculated through the media multiple times, which optimizes treatment. The open cell foam media properties allow for loading rates of up to 10x that of other systems, which ensures a small footprint.

Why Choose AeroCell?

  • NSF/ANSI Standard 40 and party nitrogen reduction

  • Long-life synthetic media

  • Simple operation with low energy use

  • Residential and commercial configurations

  • Prepackaged, lightweight pod for easy installation

  • 80%/20% split pods simplify treatment process

  • No gravity recirculation valve needed

  • Low cost and easy to ship

The following AeroCell models have been approved:

Approval Granted by the Drinking Water & Ground Water Division of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources:

For further information please contact Anua:

Phone: 336.547.9338

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