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Hitting the Road: Anua Sends Another AiraHybrid System on its Way

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We have received another purchase order for a project in California. The system will be delivered to the Sky Valley lift station in Vallejo, CA. Nate Miller of MISCOWater was integral in the award of this contract. The lift station is very near a residential area and golf course. The District decided on the AiraHybrid 150 after having marginal success with odor reducing chemicals and wanting to utilize a “green” technology to comply with a city-wide initiative to increase the use of renewable, recycled, or repurposed resources.

The 150CFM AiraHybrid™ system utilizes a two-stage treatment process. The first stage is a biotrickling filter using our engineered AiraGlass™ media, manufactured from recycled glass bottles. The first stage is designed to treat high levels of hydrogen sulfide biologically. The second stage biofilter uses our time-tested AiraShell® media to polish all remaining odors. This technology combination uses biological processes in both stages to effectively treat odors naturally, with low O&M costs. The system is completely shop-assembled, prewired, pre-plumbed, skid-mounted, and shop tested prior to shipping. This makes installation extremely fast and easy.


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