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New Models of BioCoir® Onsite Treatment System Receive Virginia TL-3 Generally Approved Listing

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Date: June 15, 2020

Prepared for Release by Anua

BioCoir utilizes coconut fiber (coir) media housed in an engineered pod. Coir are the fibers that constitute the thick mesocarp, or husk, of the coconut fruit. Coconut fiber is low-cost and a renewable resource. The short-to-medium length fibers are a lingo cellulosic material and by-product of coconut harvesting in many developing nations. The high lignin content of these fibers results in a durable material. Pretreated effluent is sprayed over the media using specially designed helical spray nozzles that provide uniform distribution over the entire surface area within the pod. Treated effluent is recirculated through the media multiple times, which optimizes treatment.

The BioCoir coconut fiber biofilter treatment system has been tested and generally approved for Virginia Department of Health's TL-3 and Nitrogen Reduction.

  • Residential and Commercial configurations

  • May be used to replace existing Puraflo modules in lieu of replacing peat media

  • Pad dispersal configurations

Virginia Approved BioCoir Models:

Read the approval letter:

Download • 639KB

For further information please contact Anua:

Phone: 336.547.9338

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