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BioCoir is a modular system for residential and commercial applications. BioCoir is prepackaged in a pod housing featuring natural media. BioCoir protects sensitive watersheds through removal of nitrogen and other constituents.

Virginia TL-3 and Nitrogen Reduction

Why Choose BioCoir?


  • Virginia field tested and generally approved for VDH TL-3 and Nitrogen Removal

  • Change out existing Puraflo modules in lieu of replacing peat media

  • Pad dispersal configurations

  • Spray nozzles maximize effluent distribution over coconut fiber

  • Simple to use and suitable for residential and commercial

  • Prepackaged, lightweight pod for easy installation

  • 80%/20% split pods simplify treatment process

  • No gravity recirculation valve needed

  • Upcycled and sustainable natural media:

         - Allows free air flow and water movement
         - Provides large, open surface area
         - Low cost and easy to ship

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Approved BioCoir Virginia TL-3 Models

Table for Virginia TL-3 approved BioCoir Models

Meet Your Anua Team Member

Scott Currie

Scott is your point of contact for the State of Virginia. 

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Applications include:


Single family homes


Multi-family homes




Small commercial operations


Intermittent use 











IM Series

NS Series

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